10 facts about Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them

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10 facts about Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them

 10 facts about Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them

Below are 10 facts about the Fantastic Beast and where to find them,
take based sources youtube video "top 10 fantastic beast's where to find them fact".

A Spinoff of the Harry Potter series

Adapted based on the book of the same name, and is spinnoff of the Harry Potter film series.
berlatarkan time before Harry is born and not squel or prequel of the movie Harry Potter. J.K Rowling herself confirmed that the film is set in the world of Harry Potter, and follows the journey of Newt Scamander, which is an animal magic and supernatural beings creatures.

And this film will continue until 5 different film series. Little story about Newt Scamander.
she is a witch who has such great interest to the supernatural beings and animals creature of magic.

He also studied at hogwarts, and the same fate as Hagrid. Expelled from Hogwarts school for fatal experiment which he did. Once issued, Newt joined the ministry of magic and worked in the field of oversight bodies elf. Newt moved to the regulatory body being supernatural beings and animals magic.

as well, he was given the opportunity to write a book Fantastic Beast and where to find them. And for that, he had to do research on various supernatural beings creatures scattered throughout the world, as a writing material in his book. one of the places he had to go is Newyork.

Newt Scamander actually had never appeared in the first Harry Potter film series. He is the author of a book titled the same as the movie is, Fantastic Beast and where to find them. (Already mentioned above) of this book, is one of the books that required a Hogwarts student in the first year. This movie will introduce us to another era of life the magical world, the era before the beginning of the story of Harry Potter.

Collin Farrels actor is a big fan of the Harry Potter films

became a big fan of the Harry Potter films, is one of the things that makes the actor Collin Farrels interested to participate and be involved in this film.

the Fantastic Beast, Collin Farrels Pricipal role as Grace, the wizard version of a pollice officer.

Pricipal Grace will be assigned to hunt down and capture the protagonist Newt Scamander.

Return of Dirrector David Yakes

David Yakes altogether not new for the film Harry Potter franchise. in fact, his name is so famous thanks to her participation in the film Harry Potter and the Order Of Phonix.

thanks to his intervention in the third Harry Potter movie, the film managed to earn good ratings and positive response from fans and critics.

on the basis that, the name of David Yakes been voted Dirrector movie Fantastic Beast. He was also selected to participate in handling the film into two and into three series: Fantastic Beast.

The second salem

inspired by the Salem witch trails, in the film there will be a second salmon, which is a kind of court of the lives of the wizarding community and non magicians. Different from the Harry Potter movie, the Fantastic Beast between wizards and non-wizards live together and coexist.

There would be a conflict of enmity between these two different races. and with the mistakes made by Newt Scamander, by releasing various supernatural beings trapped inside a magic suitcase,

Then the relationship getting worse between the community and the non witch witch, thanks to the impact of the protagonist Newt error.

Alternative casting choice


Unlike most other major movie franchise, Fantastic Beast involves a variety of actors and actresses in the casting process. Before actor Eddie Redmayne won the role of Newt Scamander, there are many actors who had participated in the audition.

Among the other actors are, Nicholas Hoult and matt smith defeated by Eddie Redmayne. In an effort to compete for the role of Newt Scamander. While catherine Waterston managed to beat Kate Upton and Elizabeth Debicki for Porpeintina role Goldstein.

Queenie figures Goldstein is the sister of Porpeintina Goldstein, successfully played by actress Fine Frenzy, after defeating Dakota Fanning, Lilly simmons and Saoirse Ronan.

Comedian Jacob Kowalski won the role Dan Fogler, namely non witch friend of Newt, after competing with two other actors, namely Josh Gad and Michael Cera.

creatures and species of magic

based on the first series of film and novel Harry Potter and the philoshoper stone, "Fantastic Beast and where to find them" is one of the titles that are necessary for students to know the world hogwarts magiczoology.

in the book there is information about 85 species of magical creature creatures scattered throughout the world of magic. not known how many creatures that will appear in the film. But based on the trailer shown there are some creatures that can be seen as, Niffler, fairy house / house elf, billywig, Occamy, Demiguise, and thunder bird.

J.k Rowling's first debut in the film

we all know J.K Rowling is behind the writing of all the Harry Potter novel series. and, behind the name of Newt Scamander, J.K Rowling also wrote a fiction book titled Fantastic Beast and where to find them, which is published by the issuing company comic relief.

based on the information given David Yakes, J.K Rowling also was writing a scrip for the film to the second and third series next Fantastic Beast.

there is a scene in the movie that requires the original version of the manuscript novel Fantastic beast. on the basis that the necessary appearance in the film J.K Rowling.

The swooping Evil

in addition to featuring a variety of magical creature creatures in the world Harry Potter, there will be things that have never appeared in the novel or the film version. creature that was prepared for the film's Fantastic Beast.

This creature called The swooping Evil. red and green, looks like a cross between a creature as hard-shelled reptiles and giant butterfly. wings wide, and features the ability to fly.

very dangerous, can suck out the brains victim, but very useful in eliminating unnecessary memory memory. These creatures do not diperuntungkan possibilities for pets home.

timescapes films in the past during 1926


in the world of Harry Potter, a book called Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them released in 1980s. And the first version of the book is not published until 1927. The background of the film Fantastic Beast of time in this place exactly a year before the book's release. nearly 70 years before entering the magical world of Harry Potter.

and so the life of Harry Potter magic began in 1991, the book Fantastic Beast result of this work is Newt Scamander,

get nominated for top best seller around the world, and has written and presented in 52 different editions. then as if the world of magic in 1920han ?? just by watching the film version we could find the answer.

shows the history of magic in North America

the magical world that we think we already know is far greater and far more extensive than what we can imagine.

Fantastic Beast movie in the series later on, will be shown how and what kind of magic history in North America, in full.

including historical event called the Salem witch trails, native american magic, as well as the existence of magic congress organization in America.

and in the film will also be shown how disputes between nations witches and Nomag / non witch nation. (Muggle version of the US).

to complete the release of the movie Fantastic Beast, J.k Rowlling has released partial description of the magic school Ilvermorny, namely the American version of Hoggwarts. want to know more,

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