Fantastic Beasts : Thunderbird

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Fantastic Beasts : Thunderbird

Fantastic Beasts : Thunderbird

This animal is at first glance similar to the Phoenix Dumbledore, but Thunderbird basically have a lot in common with the Hippogriff, bird-shaped creature that often appears in the Harry Potter films. Hailing from Arizona, Thunderbird has doubled on the strength of its wings. Newt save these creatures from Egypt and named Frank.

White feathered birds were found Newt when he visited Egypt. Narrated, Thunderbird middle caught in a situation of illegal sale of animals in the city. Newt maintains Thunderbird and named Frank. Newt arrival to the United States Also meant to free the bird habitat in the Arizona region. Thunderbird has the ability to pass a pair of wings that can make a storm when he was flapping wings.

Thunderbird is the reason for newt scamander to america to release Thunderbird to Arizona


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