Fantastic Beasts, Occamy

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Fantastic Beasts, Occamy

Fantastic Beasts, Occamy

Among the strange animals owned by Newt Scamander is Occamy. This animal is described as a bird-headed but stature like snakes and have two legs. This animal is said to be a mix between the dragon and bird. Newt find Occamy when he visited India. Namely its ability to adapt to the room where it is placed. So you can imagine how great when Occamy released into the wild.

Occamy is large enough mysterious creature. Occamy described as being hairy, two-legged, winged but has a body like a snake, so it looks like a merger between dragons and birds. These animals come from the eastern region and India, which is the result of hatching eggs made of precious silver. This beast is also described as choranaptyxic or that means it can grow or shrink to fit the available space.


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